"Free your mind, free your heel" This is the motto of Telemarkers...

Why? First let’s understand what we are talking about: what is Telemark? Well for a start of (back in the day) this amazing technique wasn't just practiced for fun, it was really was a necessity. In many mountainous regions of the Alps and Dolomites, where snowfall could be almost continuous for many months, the lack of low level passes and other lines of transit meant that people were forced to take to their skis just to enable them to get from place to another. People had started to become skiers: as we said above, they simply had no choice. Telemark technique takes the name from a county in Norway where a ski pioneer invented a way to move on the snow with an easy method that not only worked in steep slopes but also in flat ones, sliding on the “White Streets”. How...? Using long wooden poles and skis to float on the snow, high living Alpine folk were now able to move about their area at all times of the year. Of course as time progressed the equipment used by Telemarkers has improved, year on year. Modern Telemerk equipment includes such items as jointed boots, which allow flexing of the ankle joint, and special binding meaning the heel can unclipped to allow fore and aft flexing of the leg.

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If you're attracted to this special ski technique and you want to try a new thrill, different to alpine skiing, please don't hesitate to contact us. “Free your heel” in total safety under the watchful tuition of one of our specialised Telemark instructors . A new world is waiting for you, new feelings, new balances, new areas (simply not accessible to the Alpine fraternity), in the wonderful environment of the Brenta Dolomites around Folgarida. Many regular clients of ours tried Telemarking for the first time after watching some of our instructors doing it and they never let it go! There has to be a reason!! Here is a video that (hopefully) will make you fall in love with Telemark and make you understand why so many people started loving it!

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