Folgarida Ski School

The original ski school in Folgarida,

in the heart of the beautiful

Brenta Dolomites Ski area,

with over 50 years experience

in teaching ski...

Folgarida Ski School is the the only one

wearing the official

Italian ski instructor uniform

designed by descente

A learning opportunity and

a fun way to let your child

say something more than a simple

"I learned to ski"

when fun is the reason

all "Free" disciplines are waiting for you

with the instructors of

the Italian Ski and Snowboard School

Folgarida Dimaro

Folgarida Ski School Prices 2015-2016

Folgarida Ski School Prices 2015-2016
10% discount only for online booking / payment by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer

An experience which involves friendship, learning, entertainment and learning... A mix of emotions, that will allow your children to learn how to ski safely with our ski instructors and to make new friends as they experience the healthy environment on the snow. ( Our instructor Stefano Valorz during the fullday from 10.00 to 16.00 with his group )


learn how to ski in folgarida Val di sole

learn how to ski in folgarida Val di sole
Beginner or Expert, kid or adult, private lesson or ski course, Folgarida Ski School is here for you

"It’s easier with us", that’s the Italian ski instructor’s motto: it says it all really! Whether you choose to join a group ski course or take private lessons, whether you’re an adult or child (from 3 yrs. up) or whether you’re a beginner or an expert, skiing with us you will not only speed up the learning process, it’ll enhance your ski holiday and turn doubt into fun. (Photo – instructor Sebastiano Sartori).


Learn to Snowboard in folgarida

Learn to Snowboard in folgarida
Beginner, Freestyle, freeride, if you are searching someone that could help you, we are your

Never done it before. Are you already an experience boarder looking for that little something to enable you to shred it up. Or maybe you’re just looking for a companion who’s able to keep up with you as explore our wonderful mountains and pistes. We’re waiting to hear from you, just let us know what you’re looking and we’ll be right there.


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