If you would prefer your child to have the focused attention available in a one on one session then a private lesson may be the best option. This would be an ideal opportunity for the instructor to focus on specific aspects of your child’s “ski journey” and speed up the learning process. Private lessons are ideal for a younger skier, who treats the snow as a playground (let’s face it, didn’t we all?) or who just wants to tag along with their older siblings or friends. As an example, for a 3 years old, the individual attention available within private lesson with an instructor could be the turning point when this strange new world becomes familiar and simply a place to have fun and progress. By entrusting your child into the care of a fully qualified ski instructor you are guaranteeing the best possible outcome and ensuring that your child is able to progress at their optimum pace – whether that’s slow or fast will depends on the child – everyone learns at a different pace after all. After a few private lessons you may feel that your child would benefit from some fun and social interaction with other children of the same ability. If this is the case your instructor will be able to advise you on the best choice of kids ski course types.

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Private lessons are ideal for anyone wanting to improve their skiing. As your skill increases, so will your comfort zone, and the bigger that is, the more of the slopes will be open to you. Private lesson can be booked individually, as a couple, or for you and a few mates. If you prefer to meet other people here you could find our adults ski course.

Whatever you’re seeking to improve, skiing, boarding, freestyle, telemark, racing and whatever your current level, our ski and snowboard instructors will be able to help you improve in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We are at your disposal every day thought out the season. If you have any questions or are just looking for some pointers, why not pop into the ski school office (either in Folgarida town or on the slopes) and we’ll be only too happy to offer any advice we can. This is what we do...

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