1. If you stand your snowboard up on its end, the tip should come up somewhere around your nose.

2. In general, the more you weigh the longer your board should be.
3. Beginners should start with a smaller snowboard as it is easier to control. Intermediate and above riders can opt for a longer snowboard for more speed and stability.
4. Riders who prefer the park and pipe will want a shorter snowboard to help them reduce their weight and spin easier. Freeriders who prefer carving and powder will want a longer snowboard to handle the speed and powder.
5. When it comes to price, cheaper snowboards are usually geared for beginners and less aggressive riders and are easier to turn. As the price of the snowboard goes up, they tend to perform better and get stiffer with more high end materials in the construction.
6. Snowboard width is very important. The snowboard must fit your boot size to reduce toe and heel drag. If you have a size 10 or larger boot, you may want to consider purchasing a wide snowboard that is specifically designed for riders with big feet.

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