Freeride philosophy is all about contact with nature and living the mountain. The snow between the legs, the shiver of opening a new line in powder snow, far from regular ski pists and far from the jam and noise of crowded places. After learning the base rules and the main concepts about this new ski-spirit, freeride is very personal, and everyone can find his own special and personal style. Some prefer clean lines in powder snow, other enjoy the difficult path in the forest between the trees, others love to jump from the cliffs inventing new trick and evolutions in a natural enviroment. Choices are endless in the freeride world, eventhough the meeting and common point that all riders have is one : POWDER SNOW!

freeride scuola sci folgarida

The expert freerider refines his technique to become one only thing with the mountain, with nature, personalizing his style and challenging new slopes and harder tricks. Technique is not the goal of a freerider. Techinque is only something that helps the rider reaching his goals, in total safety even in the off pist. Usually, riders look for solitary places, away from the crowd, they enjoy silence and peace, but it's very important to always be safe. Safety is the first thing. Knowing the places, the troubles of the mountain, the weather is indispensable. That's why our ski school offers you an alpine guide to take you and make you discover this new world in safety, teaching you where to go, when and how, using the proper equipment, showing how to behave in case of problems. Many tips that would help you a lot and make you enjoy your experience with no fear. What are you waiting for? Don't worry if you'll fall, snow is softer than your bed. Jumps, cliffs and tuns of powder snow are ther for you!

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