Mini Club - baby sitter is a unique all day experience for your children.  

They’ll be in our group ski classes from 10am until 12:50pm - giving you plenty of time to get some “mileage” under your skis or simply to relax and take in the atmosphere in the knowledge that your kids are being safely looked after.

After the ski class your kids will take lunch with us (this is included in the price) at the Malghet Aut café, which is right by the top of the cable cars from Folgarida and Belvedere.  After lunch our fully trained Nannies will look after and entertain your kids until 4pm – more “mileage” or relaxing time for you.

Mini Club is a fun, safe and learning experience which will give your child the chance to say something more than just “I learned to ski”.   

Kids love to learn and gain new experiences and this is the ideal way for them to discover all about the beauty and secrets of our mountains and, of course to play and have fun.

The Family Snow Park in Folgarida has two travelators to transport small child up the slope, plus a carousel, swings and slides making this a perfect location for your kids to enjoy themselves in the fresh mountain air.   In the event of bad weather (it has to snow sometime) we use the rear section of the Ski School office where we stock many games and toys for children.

The Leo Monty Mini Club is open to beginners and children aged 3 years and older.

It’ all about enjoying your time on the slopes of the Ski Area Campiglio, in the wonderful Italian Dolomites.

The Folgarida Ski School is the original ski school in this area and we’ve been at your service since 1965.

leomonty fun scuola sci folgarida

Here you could find Folgarida Ski School Prices and if you need help please contact us at


family park folgarida

family park folgarida

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